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I hope to enlighten you with my philosophy that Imperfect Action is better than No action. My vision is to empower you to take Imperfect Action now!

I have seen too many people let life’s circumstances take their passion away and control their lives. Illness, heartbreak, misfortune: something always comes along unexpectedly. So many times I’ve wished people could take an action toward reclaiming their life—any action!—but most people are paralyzed because they are scared of taking the wrong action. They’re waiting and waiting to find the perfect answer, and therefore, they take NO Action!

My mission is to urge you to take Action with your life. Even though it may be an Imperfect Action, it is still better than No Action. You can’t wait for all the pieces to fit perfectly. Perfection is a journey that is made up of many Imperfect Actions. This journey will give you back your passion and enable you to regain your power and your life. If you are not happy with an area of your life, take an Imperfect Action toward improving it! Who knows, you might be taking the perfect action. Even if the action is Imperfect, at least you have given it a chance, which is much better than no action, because No Action = No Chance.

So, go on, take Imperfect Action now and start on the path to rediscovering your passion and power. Take back your life. And always remember…

…Perfection is a journey of Imperfect Actions.

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